Locking Swing Gate
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Our powder coated locking swing gate has two wheels for easy mobility welded on a steel diamond plated base that offers skid protection. The locking swing gate automatically returns to its closed position. The unit comes with an Adams lock with a key port on each side. Adams does offer many different styles to meet your needs that will fit our swing gate design. We can customize different sign holders or incorporate any other idea you may have. Total weight is 200 lbs. approx. Learn More
Hood - Air Supplied
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Check out G/O's latest Air Supplied Hood. The National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) has recently approved our newly designed air fed hoods (NIOSH approval #TC-19C-0529) and air supply hoses (50’ #GZ2291 and 100’ #GZ2292). Our air fed hoods are Supplied-Air Type C Constant Flow Respirator. Call our customer service department at 800-933-8501 for more information. Learn More
Q Gard SMMS Coverall, Lab Coat and extras
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Q-Gard Quantumwear® is the newest addition to the QPA™ family of products. Q-Gard Quantumwear® has been developed to incorporate attributes from our two industry leading protective garments, Q-Gard Comfortwear® and Barrierwear®. Through focus groups and interviews with end users, we have created a patent-pending product that addresses every-day, real life challenges for a number of environments. This product also offers a high level of particle hold without sacrificing breathability of the garment. Learn More
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