Elevated Dose Rates Sign

"In accordance to the Nuclear Industry Standard Process, Radiological Protection, Radiological Posting and Labeling, NISP-RP-04"

Materials offered:

Proshield - This high performance sign was specifically designed for Outdoor use formulated to resist color change, chemicals, corrosion and abrasion. The two ply construction is .214 or .152 thick non-glare polycarbonate. The sign is guaranteed not to fade for fifteen years. Temperature rating of -60 to 260 F.

Click here to download the Proshield sign Specifications.

Lexan/Dura Plastic - This material is a 60 mil rigid plastic that offers some ultraviolet protection, but is mainly for indoor use.  The sign is guaranteed not to fade for seven years. Temperature rating of -65 to 212 F.

Aluminum - This material is 40 mil aluminum and is another great product for outdoor use. The sign is guaranteed not to fade for five years. Temperature rating of -40 to 250 F.

Porcelain - A few features that you can come to expect from our porcelain enameled steel signs are:  High durability - Glossy, reflective surface - Longevity, up to 30 years - Heat resistance - Easy maintenance and cleaning.

Magnetic Co-Poly Vinyl - Magnetic sign offers ease of mounting to most steel or ferrous metal surfaces, and can be pulled off and placed back on or elsewhere.  Ideal for frequent changing of signs on: vehicles, tanks & vessels, bins, shelving, and any other ferrous metal surface • Magnetic ferrite particles embedded in 32-mil synthetic rubber base • Protected by 2-mil high-gloss UV polyester overlaminate film • Resists cracking and chipping • Flexible to mount on curved surfaces • Service temperature range: 0° to 160°F

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Elevated Dose Rates Sign

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    Sign - Elevated Dose Rates, Black print on Magenta background. Please choose sign material and size. Custom sizes available.
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