Tape 2″ Gaffers


Part#: N/A

“Gaffers Tape” made from a cotton based fabric and coated with an aggressive adhesive. This product is ideal for marking floors, bags, hand tools, etc. It has excellent tensile strength, tears easily by hand and sticks to anything.

Customize your own tape. Note: There is a minimum order of 24 rolls for customized tape.

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Tape Options

Magenta/yellow striped, Magenta/yellow w/ trefoil, Magenta/yellow “Contamination Area” w/ trefoil, Magenta/yellow “Caution Contaminated Area” w/ trefoil, Magenta/yellow “Caution Internal Contamination” w/ trefoil, Magenta/yellow “High Contamination Area” w/ trefoil., Magenta/yellow “Caution Radioactive Material” w/ trefoil.