Dustless Tech

Rely on Dustless Technologies for innovative dust and slurry control solutions. Whether you are grinding, sawing or sanding, we have an array of tools, accessories and vacuums to make the job clean, easy, fast and safe.

Save time and money. Collect dust and slurry as it is made – at the point of origin. Make clean up fast and efficient. Reduce labor costs and complete jobs faster.

Work safer. Protect workers with systems that capture up to 99% of hazardous material dust before it goes airborne.

Work faster. Eliminate the time and money spent on cleaning up dust and slurry after a job is done. Finish fast and move on to the next job quickly. Work confidently. Rely on dependable solutions that come with the industry’s best 3-year warranty.

Work smarter. Innovative solutions from Dustless Technologies improve efficiency and safety.

Meet government guidelines Avoid large fines and the risk of being shut down by using Dustless solutions that exceed the most stringent guidelines set forth by the EPA, NIOSH and OSH