Let our customer service department work with you on your custom tag requirements.  A mylar (polyester) flap can be attached to preserve hand written information from weather and abuse. Review the tags below, if you do not see one you need call us or fill out the form below.  Either fax or e-mail us your request and we will provide you with a quotation.

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Materials offered:

PF-Cardstock - Tear-resistant without reinforcement patch and waterproof, lasting longer than standard cardstock tags.  They're pulp free tags, have no wood pulp or paper content, unlike standard cardstock tags, yet for the same economical, low price.  The thin, pliable 10 mil polyolefin-based tags will not crack, distort, or shrink over a wide temperature range.  Ideal for indoor and short-term outdoor conditions.  Can be printed on both sides, the scuff-resistant, matter-finished surface is easy to write on.  Tag has 3/8" hole.

RP-Plastic - Tear-resistant, weather resistant, and chemical-resistant for dirty and greasy environments.  15-mil thick rigid vinyl plastic tags are flexible in nature - the tag bends relatively easily, and are ideal for indoor and outdoor temporary tagging applications. RP-Plastic tags can be printed on both sides, and is easy to write on with most markers. Tag has 3/8" hole, reinforced with a metal grommet to prevent the tag from being pulled off.

HS- Laminate - Nearly indestructible, made to withstand tough, abusive conditions for critical situations.  Tags have a thick poly-laminate pressure sealed on both sides right to the edges to protect the printed image.  They are tear-proof, weatherproof, chemical-resistant, and very durable to withstand dirt, grease, liquid splashes, and multiple handling.  The scratch-resistant, matte-finish surface of the laminate can be easily written on.  Tag size has 3/8" hole reinforce by a pull-proof metal grommet.

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