• Tag - 6" x 3.5"

    Lite corrugated plastic


    To read: Caution * Radioactive Material Dose Rates....

    Click here for material data sheet

    Minimum Quantity - 25

  • Design your own turnaround tag for turnarounds, repairs or scheduled maintenance.

    Easy To Use: Select a color - Fill out Tag - Seal Mylar Flap - Tear in Half - Attach Each Section - Return and Match

    Benefits: Highly Visible - Color=Zone or Section of Plant - Mylar Flap Makes Tag Weatherproof

    Custom Tags - Please call 800-933-8501, fax 985-809-7440 or email sales@gocorp.com a description of your custom tag

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  • Let our customer service department work with you on your custom tag requirements.  A mylar (polyester) flap can be attached to preserve hand written information from weather and abuse. Review the tags below, if you do not see one you need, call us or fill out the form below.  Either fax or e-mail us your request and we will provide you with a quotation.

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    Please choose options for more information, including tag picture & part #