DustBubble™ for Dustless Drilling 35 packs/box

Product SKU: GH1376

Part#: GH1376


Regular Strength for wallpaper and painted walls
Extra Strength for wood, plaster and untreated surfaces
Industrial Strength for metal, and other industrial applications

DustBubbles are disposable dust collectors for DIY or industrial drills. They use a combination of adhesion to the wall and the action of the drill itself to catch virtually all the dust when you drill. They make drilling jobs easier – leaving both hands free while you drill and saves you the clean up afterwards. When you’ve finished drilling, you simply remove the DustBubble from the wall and discard it along with all the dust.

D2215(Regular), D2225(Extra), D2245(Industrial)  includes: 1 box of 35 – 3 packs.


D2200(Variety) includes: 3 boxes x 35 packs. Every Stength Included.

Weight 3 lbs
Dustless Tech 5

Regular Strength, Extra Stength, Industrial Stength, Variety Pack


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