Destructible and Void Labels

Destructible and Void Labels

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Destructible Labels

Secure assets and deter theft by having a label that is difficult to remove.  Once applied, the adhesive bonds to the surface.  When one attempts to peel off the label it flakes and breaks apart into many pieces – preventing unauthorized removal and switching of the label to another asset.  The 2-mil film has a coating that helps in the destruction of the label, yet protects the image (and bar code) from cleaning and mild abrasion.

Tamper Void Labels

Discourage theft and tampering of property.  Also known as “void label” the label leaves the word “VOID” on the surface of the property item with the removal of the label.  The label can no longer be reapplied, rendering it useless with evidence of the word “VOID”.  The 2-mil vinyl label has a protective over-film to maintain the image and bar code clarity from mild solvents and abrasions.

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"Hepa Tested Seal" Destructible Vinyl, "Hepa Tested Seal" Void, "RP Must Be Present Prior to Opening" Destructible Vinyl


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