SawBuddie™ Dust Shroud For Reciprocating Saws

Product SKU: GH1369

Part#: GH1369

Comply with EPA RRP Guidelines
Because the SawBuddie™ is a point-of-origin dust control system, it enables contractors to comply with EPA RRP regulations, when attached to a full unit certified HEPA vacuum – also manufactured by Dustless Technologies.


  • Clear flexible rubber shroud
  • Velcro strap installation
  • 2 ½” long bristles with line-of-site gap
  • Fits wide variety of reciprocating saws
  • Bristled snout for flexibility
  • Durable components
  • Rotates to match blade installation

What’s in the Box
1 universal dust shroud, 1 18″ connector hose, 1 Zip tie


Weight 1 lbs


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